BMW To Unveil New 3-Series Sedan on 27 July

BMW India is coming up with its New BMW 3-series this July 27th. After the official unveiling, BMW will reveal the actual prices of this car by August 3rd.


The new BMW 3-series will come with three engine variants – 320D, powered by 2.0 litre diesel engine which will produce 184 bhp, the other options are 320I and 328I petrol variants producing power output of 184 bhp and 245 bhp respectively. The car will come in Sport and Executive variants. Needless to say, we expect the diesel variant to sell more than both the petrol one.

BMW India has already started innovative campaigns for the new 3-Series in major cities of India. In Mumbai’s Infinity Mall, you can find 3-series enclosed in a glass filled with red balls which will keep reducing and finally on 27th the car will be revealed.Their other way is the QR promotional code on covered cars which are roaming around, once this code is downloaded on your mobile it takes you to the new 3 Series India website.


Source: BS Motoring


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