Tata has launched their Bolt hatchback in India at prices which are higher than our expectations. We compared them with its sibling Zest’s original launch prices as well its current prices to share the differences with you…


As you can observe, the diesel’ top variant prices overlap whereas the maximum difference is about Rs 20,000. However, between Zest and Bolt’s launch there has been a significant change – the rollback of excise duty relaxation by our current government, which has resulted in 4% increment in excise duties and hence you see an increment in Zest’s prices. As a result, Bolt’s prices have been kept after accommodating this increase.

When we compare the current prices of both these siblings, we see the minimum difference is about Rs 15,000 for the top petrol XT variant whereas the highest difference is about Rs 40,000 on the second diesel variant XM.

We feel Bolt may have been priced a little more aggressively specially initially to create that hype considering that it is fighting in a more crowded segment than Zest and the fact that it resembles Vista a lot may go against it but it appears that Tata is expecting Zest to be a higher seller between these two cars….

Note: All prices ex-showroom Delhi

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