BREAKING SCOOP: First Ever Spy Pics of Mahindra Verito Compact Sedan

It seems the inevitable is here! Just a day before yesterday we talked about the prospects of Mahindra’s Verito compact sedan vis-a-vis the direct competitor Dzire, we havethe first ever spyshots of the car.

Captured by a Team-Bhp reader Crazy Driver, these pics of a camouflaged Verito Compact Sedan reveal a lot about the car. The first point to notice is that there is no protruding trunk, much to the like of the exciting Hyundai Accent Viva!


So what’s interesting and new?

  • The tail light cluster moves up to the C-Pillars. From the pics, it looks good and give it a lot crossover like looks. However, what would come at the regular place is not clear because of the camouflage. If there is nothing, we feel it would look bland. But a careful observation also reveals that these might just be an extra dummy fitment to confuse us.
  • The boot, from outside, looks minimal. Would it be under 316 liters of Dzire considering that Verito has more spacious interiors? How does it open is another question – like a hatch or a proper sedan boot?
  • There is also a claim that the tyres appear to be smaller than the regular Verito
  • Front looks similar to the current Verito


Mahindra will launch this compact Verito around March and it will carry only the 1.5L diesel motor from the current Verito. There will not be any petrol engine on offer considering that a current petrol engine of Verito will breach the lowest excise duty structure of the ‘Small’ car.

It is expected that Verito CS will have a significant price advantage over Dzire (Check Details). There are a lot of unanswered questions which will become clear in the times to come.


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Spy Pic Credit: Team-Bhp

3 thoughts on “BREAKING SCOOP: First Ever Spy Pics of Mahindra Verito Compact Sedan”

  1. Tail Lamps on C-Pillar is not New !
    This is In-line with Ford-Focus, 5door, European Version which
    Mahindra seems to be Imitating.
    The Only Difference is Ford Focus is a Hatch & Not a Notchback, with
    a Small Boot, which Verito seems to have.


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