Brio Amaze Diesel Would Reportedly Produce 200Nm of Torque: Many More Details Pour in

Amidst a lot of eager wait, we are trying to sniff whatever little piece of information we could gather about the first diesel engine from Honda in India.

This time we share with you an interesting bit of info from a Malaysian website They have reported a brief preview of the upcoming Honda Brio Amaze with the all new 1.5L i-DTEC diesel engine. Honda’s engineers were pretty tight-lipped about revealing any details but we have got quite some info in hand. The main pointers which catch out attention are:


  •  A brief drive was arranged for the media during a special preview of the upcoming Brio sedan, which we all now know would be called as Brio Amaze.
  • This 1.5L i-DTEC turbodiesel engine is based on the existing 1.6L i-DTEC which Honda has in international markets.
  • This diesel engine is Euro 4 compliant
  • Though there is no information on the power output figures yet, but the torque output is reportedly 200Nm which is 10Nm greater than its immediate rival – the 1.3L Maruti Suzuki Dzire.
  • Also, revealed was the weight of Brio Amaze which is said to be 1050kgs which makes it similar to our Indian Dzire.
  • There is decent amount of luggage space in the boot. No numbers were revealed here
  • The interiors are similar to the current Brio hatch; with fair bit of space and beige color.
  • From the shorter drive, the guys at Paultan say that the car has good driveability with a smoother ride.
  • The 5-Speed gearbox is also reported to be pretty friendly.
  • However, against our expectations, the diesel clatter pretty much filters through into the cabin.

Does this mean we are all set for a more city friendly tune rather than the non-linear power delivery of the Dzire Multijet?

Every alternate day we are witnessing new details about the most awaited car in India, Brio Amaze. We see proper test mules caught on Indian roads pretty soon. If you spy one, you know where to send the spy pics (and earn hot cash for them)!

For those who do not know, Brio Amaze is coming next year to our shores with Honda’s very first diesel engine in India, and hence all the hoopla!


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