Honda BRV vs Mobilio: List of 6+ Differences & Price Comparo

BRV vs Mobilio: We list differences, specs and price…

BR-V is Honda’s entry into the compact SUV segment. This 7 seater soft roader is however competing with some very formidable opponents like Duster, Creta and others. However, that’s not the only problem it has got. The bigger issue with it is its looks – a quick glance and it reminds us of the Mobilio MPV rightaway and this is not something very favourable for a (compact) SUV!

Both the products have been made on the same Brio platform however despite their same humble origins certain things have changed. On paper they look decent and have the capabilities to move large families. Here’s a small comparo to point out the differences…


  • Transmissions: While the engines options in both the Mobilio and the BR-V include the same petrol and diesel mills with the same output figures, the transmission options are different. The BR-V gets a new 6 speed manual unit for petrol and a CVT option. The Mobilio gets only 5 speed units for both petrol and diesel. In addition to the CVT, the diesel version of the compact SUV also gets a 6 speed manual unit.
  • Fuel Efficiency: If we talk about fuel efficiency, the petrol BR-V is rated at 15.4 kmpl for manual (CVT hits 16 kmpl) while the Mobilio with the same engine has been rated slightly higher at 17.3 kmpl (~12% better). At 24.2 kmpl, Mobilio diesel is 10.5 percent more fuel efficient than BR-V.
  • Dimensions: BR-V is longer, taller and wider than Mobilio. The 10 mm longer wheelbase also helps it have a better leg room. Along with more comfortable seats, BRV’s interiors also feel more lively.
  • Ground Clearance: BR-V gets a 210 mm ground clearance, which is 21 mm more than that of the Mobilio.
  • Features: The top end Mobilio gets a 15.7 cm touchscreen infotainment system, a feature which is completely absent in the BR-V.
  • Safety: Mobilio gets ABS and EBD in all diesel variants, just like the BR-V but the petrol trim in the compact SUV misses out on them in the entry level trim. Dual front airbags on the BR-V are standard across the range, whereas the Mobilio gets them only in the top end trim.
  • Apart from this, turning radius of BR-V is bigger and it sports slightly fatter 16 inch tyres.

BRV vs Mobilio: Specs

brv vs mobilio- specs-pic

BRV vs Mobilio: Price Difference

So what separates them in terms of money? Here is a quick price comparison of all the variants of both these Honda siblings.

brv vs mobilio-prices

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So Honda is charging about Rs 1.3 to 1.5 lakh more on an average for the compact SUV moniker. In terms of sales, Mobilio is an official flop now and BRV is doing just about average for the potential this segment has. Nonetheless, which one will you choose? Car Comparo Page

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