Don’t Throttle Your Dreams

Nobody saw it coming. Nobody thought it will create such a big havoc and nobody believed that it will disrupt each and every individual and continue for so long. The COVID-19 pandemic is for real and has jolted all of us and impacted everybody’s financial plans and life goals. But as they say, life must go on…

And why delay dreams when you can still fulfill them right away with the help of a wonderful financial tool called as CAR LOAN. Since you are borrowing money you obviously pay a wee bit more than what you take but doesn’t that sweet little smile on the face of your loved one more than makes up for it?

One of India’s largest bank, Bank of Baroda has launched a new campaign #EkForeverRishta which is its way of saying to our fellow countrymen – ‘we are with you, especially in these turbulent times when you may already be curtailing a lot of your dreams and plans’.

Bank of Baroda Car Loans are a great way to fulfil your dreams, without keeping you and your family waiting. If you are short of cash and fear high downpayment, you can apply and get upto 90 percent of the on road value of your dream car. If you have enough money for the initial payment but do not want a high monthly burden, EMIs here start from as low as ₹1514 per lac and you also have the flexibility of choosing payback tenure of upto 84 months.

Moreover, you need not pay any advance EMIs and if you intend to close your loan earlier, you do not have to worry about any kind of foreclosure charges or pre-payment penalties.

The bank already offers attractive rate of interest on its car loans and you can also benefit further if you happen to be one of its timely paying home loan customer, as you get a concession of flat 0.25 percent on your car loan interest.

But what if you are one among the elite and are eyeing that luxury car? Will one crore do? Yes, the bank has a provision of offering cars loans of upto 1 crore to its customers. So, there you have it. A caring financial institute which is helping you realize your dream with so many customer centric features. And if you have made up your mind, you can visit the bank’s website and apply online for a quick in-principle sanction and early disbursal. Don’t delay, your dream car and that happy weekend family outing is waiting.

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