Car That Could be Driven via Remote Control is Here – BYD Su Rui! [Video]

If one day in China you spot a self driving car with no driver inside, don’t just faint, it could be BYD Su Rui!


Su Rui is a product of a Chinese car manufacturer BYD and a successor of F3. Su Rui is a very normal looking real sized sedan car with very general operations we have known so far apart from one! The car can be driven via remote control and here is a video depicting the same.

Now after getting awed by the latest technological advancement, let us talk about a few details of the car.

Su Rui is available in two choices – a 1.5L 109hp motor and 1.5L turbo 154hp engine. The remote control feature is available with the 1.5L turbo variant as standard. Su Rui can be driven at a maximum speed of 2 kmph and the driver has to be at a maximum distance of 33 feet to operate the car.

BYD claims a 0 to 100kmph dash in 8.9 seconds flat and needless to predict that they must be talking about the 154hp version.

So, are the driver-less cars getting practical!


Source: CarNewsChina


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