FIAT Avventura: Road Test & Review

Photography: Salman Kazmi (city) & Arun Tyagi (off-road) Words: Syed Shiraz If there’s one country where estates (‘station wagons’ for the uninitiated), crossovers, compact SUVs, and dirt bikes should have ruled from day one, it’s India. Okay, we may have some of the best roads in the world but we still largely have some road … Read more

Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Diesel: Quick Drive Review

Our readers would know that we got to drive the Audi Q3 at the recently held Audi Q-drive event around Greater Noida. You would have also read how it performed off the road. Since I briefly got to sample the compact SUV on well-paved tarmac too, I thought

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Muscular Xenon Tuff Truck Showcased at BIC: First Look Preview [35 Pic Mega Gallery]

To tell the discerning readers why exactly Tata was seen going about showcasing its Xenon Tuff Truck at the BIC would be like stabbing in the dark; and that with a cardboard stage knife. It could mean anything; everything short of a launch of the said truck; immoderately desirable though it may look.

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Clash of the Compacts: Ford EcoSport Versus Renault Duster: Which ONE..?

Of late, the Compact or the Crossover segment has been witnessing heightened melee. It was the Renault Duster that set the tone and built an appetite for Compacts among us Indians. In fact, it was a runaway success and Renault’s sales charts leapfrogged to

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