PUC Check Mandatory for Vehicle Insurance Now

PUC Check

One of the major causes of pollution, especially in the urban landscape, is the exhaust gases from automobiles. Governments across the world issue emission norms specifying limits of harmful gas emissions from all vehicles and automobile manufacturers have to make sure their products adhere to these guidelines. The problem, however, is that there is no … Read more

Does Premium Fuel Make Your Car Faster, Run Longer, Cleaner?

Premium Petrol or Regular Petrol: Which One Should You Fill? | By¬†Elizabeth Mathew All is well for the Indian motorist till he/she reaches the fuel station to fill his priced possession with the best fuel available in the market. Petro giants have created a notion in the minds of the people that using premium fuel … Read more

9 Car Insurance Jargons Explained in Simple Terms

Let us explain very basic terms like Zero Dep Car Insurance, IDV, VIN etc in simple language… You purchased a new car and you have its insurance policy in hand and while going through it, you come across various acronyms and typical jargons like IDV, NCB, Zero dep, third party premium etc which you have … Read more