These are possibly the final hints that Celerio diesel is absolutely ready – as ready as these pics of the car decked up as a showroom test drive model suggest. The most interesting pointer of this spotting is the DDIS 125 badge which possibly hints at the torque figures of the new Suzuki’s engine!

‘DDIS 125‘: DDIS is nothing but a short form of ‘Diesel Direct Injection System’ which Maruti uses for the bigger Fiat sourced 1.3 liter engine as well, whereas 125, in all probability is the torque figure of the motor in Nm. In comparison, Chevrolet Beat’s 1.0 liter engine churns out 142.5 Nm of torque. Celerio DDIS will come equipped with Suzuki’s 800cc two-cylinder indigenous diesel engine and this will be its first application on a passenger car. Apart from this it will also go on the upcoming Y9T LCV.


This will be the smallest capacity diesel motor in its segment and brace yourself up for some mind-numbing fuel efficiency claims by the manufacturer – we expect something very close to 30 kmpl, which will make it the most fuel efficient car in India.

Maruti-Celerio-Diesel-DDIS-ZDI-Blue (2)

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From these pics by it gets abundantly clear that Maruti has not played around with the looks of the car and the diesel version will  continue to look absolute same as the current petrol model. How Celerio diesel performs in monthly sales will define the future path of this engine and if the initial reports are encouraging, expect it to propel many other small Maruti cars. Launch, as we said, should be within a matter of weeks…




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