Celerio Diesel to be Powerful than Y9T; Will Get an Intercooler

The next big launch for Maruti will be the Celerio diesel. It is big and important for Maruti because it will carry Suzuki’s indigenous 2 cylinder diesel engine and its success or failure will define the future path for the company with respect to its upcoming diesel engines on which they are working for some time now.

Celerio will come with a near 800cc (793cc speculatively) twin cylinder motor which is a downsized version of the upcoming 1.6 or 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine. Although the car will be sharing the engine with Maruti’s first commercial vehicle (codenamed Y9T), the engines will be tuned differently to suit different needs.


According to our sources, on the Celerio diesel, the power output is expected to be a little higher, in the vicinity of 45 to 47 PS and there will be a presence of an intercooler (with the turbocharger) which may or may not be the case on the Y9T. To give you an idea, the Chevrolet Beat diesel with a three pot 1.0 litre engine produces 58.5 PS of power.

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An earlier report has speculated that Celerio diesel may get a high fuel efficiency of just a shade over 30 kmpl. However, our sources tell us that the fuel efficiency will be under 30kmpl, possibly somewhere between 27 and 30 kmpl. Maruti Suzuki has extensively tested the engine for many thousand kilometers and its launch is expected pretty soon…

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