Celerio Recalled in UK a Day After Launch Due to Brake Failure

Maruti Suzuki Celerio, recently launched in India has been cracking some good volumes thanks to the AMT transmission, however things do not seem to be going as well for the car in the country under the Queen’s reign.

Suzuki has reportedly suspended the sales of Celerio in the UK along with Ireland, Australia and New Zealand after a test unit suffered repeated ‘brake failures’ while it was being tested by the media.


The issue has raised a lot of questions inside Suzuki and the company has flown in specialists from Japan to work with the UK officials to find out what exactly went wrong. The car started its stint in the Great Britain on February 1, with a starting price of £7,999 (Rs 7.41 lakhs). The company has asked its dealers to stop giving test drives and deliveries of the car. It has also requested the owners to stop driving the car until further notice.

This safety recall is to check the retraction of brake pedal and affects only the right wheel drive vehicles of the countries mentioned earlier. The official communication goes on to say that this recall does not affect left hand drive vehicles or other right hand drive markets. So users in India can relax and breathe a sigh of relief.

Suzuki is contacting the customers via the dealers and will be providing them with loan vehicles until further full safety checks have been conducted.

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