2012 DZire specs

I was going through the specs sheet for both the existing DZire and the newly launched 2012 DZire and here is the list of all what I could notice.

2102 DZire

1.  The new DZire shares heart directly with its Swift sibling and gets the 1197cc K-Series Petrol engine which now comes with Variable Valve Timing (VVT).

2.  As a result New DZire Petrol produces 87PS of peak power which is 2PS more than the existing version. Also, maximum torque has risen by 1Nm to 114Nm and it also peaks at 500rpm lesser @ 4000rpm ensuring a better low-end torque and probably a little more torque band to play with.

3. New DZire now also comes in an Automatic variant with a 4AT gearbox.

4. Due to the chopped rear, the weight reduction in various variants is as follows:

  • LXi : 50kg (960kg from 1010kg)
  • VXi : 55kg (970kg from 1025g)
  • ZXi : 45kg (990kg from 1035kg)
  • LDi : 40kg (1050kg from 1090kg)
  • VDi: 45kg (1060kg from 1105kg)
  • ZDi : 35kg (1080kg from 1115kg)

2012 DZire specs

5. Fuel tank capacity seems to have gone down by 1 liter to 42 liter from 43liter of the existing older variant.


6. Changes in dimensions for new 2012 DZire are as follows:

  • Length : 165mm shorter @ 3995mm
  • Width : 5mm wider @ 1695mm
  • Height : 25mm higher @ 1555mm

7. Despite the shortening of the boot, wheelbase has increased by 40mm and is now 2430mm apart.

8. Turning radius has also increased by 0.1m to 4.8m

2012 DZire

9. Introduction of 15” tyres on DZire. The top end ZXi and ZDi variants now come in 185/65R15 rubber

10. Maruti has silently not listed boot space on its website however we know it stands at 316 liters as compared to the 464 liters of the earlier DZire.

Attached is the complete list of specs for both the cars side by side for your comparison.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash





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