Force Gurkha is probably the only affordable vehicle in India which can really be called as a true off-roader for its capabilities. Force recently launched an updated version of the SUV which comes with a new 2.6L BS3 OM616 diesel motor which is capable of churning out 82PS of power output and a torque of 230Nm. 


Force has been calling it as E.O.V. which stands for Extreme Offroader Vehicle and true to its name, the SUV has been making waves across the nation for its capabilities on handling rough terrains. To propagate the deal further we have a couple of new raw videos which further give us a view of what the Gurkha is capable of.

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In the following video, just check the ease with which this potent SUV waded through bonnet-deep waters which follows the Gurkha climbing a staircase with aplomb! Check the videos out and enjoy!

Video 1

Video 2




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