The Sail twins would be two cars which would have made on all online and offline forums, blogs and magazines with those funny camouflage-stint stripes on regular colored cars. 


Chances are that you might have seen them roaming around casually in your corridors! We have caught them many times and looking at the way it is, the company is not worried about the loosing excitement. Nonetheless, we caught this red colored upcoming Chevrolet Sail UVA near Wakad in Pune. We also had a good chance to talk to the driver as well as get some vital information about the car. So here it is…

Important Pointers:

  1. This model was the diesel Sail UVA, powered by the 1.3L Multijet diesel engine jointly developed by General Motors and Fiat.
  2. Against the rumors that Sail UVA would get a 1.4L petrol engine, the petrol variant would sport Beat’s 1.2L petrol engine, though there might be a little tuning difference
  3. Production of Petrol Sail UVA has started at company’s Talegaon plant.
  4. Production of diesel Sail UVA is yet to start
  5. This was the top-of-the-line variant with beige interiors, ABS, Airbags (Driver + Passenger), alloy wheels etc
  6. The interiors felt nice and good quality
  7. Power Window Switches are placed unconventionally ahead of the gear lever.
  8. The car had Bucket seats
  9. This car sported 175/70 14 inch tyres and these are expected to be standard across the range
  10. From the interiors it looked fairly spacious.
  11. This variant also had a rear center arm-rest.
  12. Front power windows are expected to be standard on all the variants.
  13. Company currently had planned to launch the Sail UVA petrol around September and Diesel around November if everything goes as planned. Basically they want to push both of these before Diwali.
  14. Sail UVA’s diesel mileage claim could be around 23kmpl
  15. Chevrolet understands the market and prices are expected to be competitive.
So, would you choose the Sail with multijet over Ford Figo TDCi? Cast your say
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Check out a Clear Picture Gallery of Sail UVA.

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