Chevrolet Showcases Big TrailBlazer SUV at Auto Expo; Signs of India Coming? [13 Pic Gallery]

Chevrolet TrailBlazer is a lanky SUV that is sold in countries like Brazil and South Africa to compete against products like the Toyota Fortuner and Ford Endeavour. At the Delhi Auto Expo 2014, the Chevrolet stall had on display this muscular SUV in silver. 

Even prior to the Auto Expo, speculations have popped up at various points of time claiming its India launch, some even going to the extent of claiming having seen test mules of them in the country. Now, this Auto Expo showcase has sparked some speculations about its possible introduction and the first official hints coming from the company.

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The TrailBlazer is a true-blue SUV, and is not pretentious like the other soft-roaders that have been making a kill in the market as of late. Other than the well-built proportions, what catches one’s eye is the rugged-yet-understated styling of the vehicle with the unsloping edges and taut creases.

Upfront, the trademark Chevrolet engine grille is adorned by the gold, bowtie logo. Even though the headlamps have been flared a bit, they are still old-school. Compare it with that of the new Santa Fe and you will get an inkling of what we are talking.

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The TrailBlazer has a host of powerful engine options under its hood. They are:

  • 2.5 Liter Diesel engine churning out 148 hp and 350 Nm; available in 4×2 variant with a 5-speed manual tranny
  • 2.8 Liter Diesel engine in two tunes, one of them having peak stats of 177hp and 470 Nm; this engine powers the 4×2 variant with a six-speed tranny as well as another 4×4 variant with a six-speed AT
  • Another tune of the 2.8 Liter Diesel engine churns out vital stats of 177 hp and 440 Nm; this powers the 4×4 variant with a five-speed MT
  • The lone petrol option is a massive 3.6 liter engine providing peak figures of 236hp and 329Nm; the vehicle here is a 4×4 with AT

In this long list, the most apt engine for India appears to be the 177hp, 470Nm 2.8L diesel to compete against the segment leader Fortuner and others. And this is where it gets interesting. Chevrolet decided to showcase this very engine mated to an Automatic gearbox at the Auto Expo.

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Chevrolet has the Captiva in this segment but it is not rugged as the Trailblazer and is more of a crossover kinds. Trailblazer appears to be huge with some muscles going here and there to really appease the crowd and possibly snatch a significant share from Toyota! We are keeping a close eye on this development and will report back if we have something concrete.

So, the next question is will you consider this Trailblazer over Fortuner?

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