Chevrolet Trailblazer Not Coming to India?

Chevrolet Trailblazer, when first showcased garnered a lot of interest and looking at how much the Indians love SUVs, it was very much a believable fact that it would be launched in India sometime in 2013.

There were rumors of the SUV getting spotted in India as well, however, there is no concrete pic to show this proof. But from the latest what we hear and analyze, it might not make it to the Chevrolet showrooms in India.


Hormzad Sorabjee, the Autocar India Editor has also tweeted that the Chevrolet Trailblazer will actually not be making to the Indian shores and the reason given is “Investment to put in new paint shop for it is very high“.

Chevrolet recently launched the Trailblazer in Brazil and it joins Captiva forming a duo of SUVs on offer. Trailblazer is a segment over Captiva and if we consider our Indian scenario, it really makes not much of a sense simply because of the question, “Where will Trailblazer sit?

Chevrolet already sells the Captiva in the premium SUV segment rivaling the Fortuner, Endeavour and the recently launched Rexton. Captiva’s price ranges from Rs 20 Lakh to around Rs 26 Lakh for the latest 2.2L AWD AT version. And despite being a pretty potent car, it could not be called as a good seller. Trailblazer positioned above Captiva would take it around and over the 30 Lakh price tag which definitely is a question mark segment for a brand like Chevrolet.

With luxury brands like Audi, BMW offering SUVs under 30 Lakhs, any regular mass selling brand would face a big task in ousting products from their shops. If the Trailblazer is to come to India, it would cannibalize into Captiva’s sales, instead.


Trailblazer is powered by two engine options – a 2.8-litre, 180bhp and 2.5-litre, 150bhp diesel units where the 2.8 common-rail diesel makes a super strong 47.8 Kgm of torque. A 7-seater as stock with adequate space, Trailblazer comes loaded with gadgetry, premium upholstery and all those bells and whistles.

Captiva when first brought in the Indian market was a brisk seller but over the period of time has become somewhat a dud seller and the facelift did not really help its cause. Since the Captiva is not doing any wonders for Chevrolet, how about the company investing in the high costing paint shop and they can get the True Blue Trailblazer to Indian shores replacing the Captiva in a couple of years or so?


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