CIAZ vs City vs Verna vs All C2 Sedans: Mega Price COMPARO

The launch of Ciaz at interesting price points has triggered another very important price war in the fierce C2 sedan segment. Without waiting a wee bit, let us share with you a comprehensive price comparo report of all the prominent sedans available in this segment, and there are 9 of them here…

CIAZ vs City vs Verna vs Fiesta vs Other C2 Sedans: PRICE COMPARISON CHART

CAR Petrol Model Prices Diesel Model Prices
New Honda City Rs 7.20 lakhs to Rs 10.96 lakhs Rs 8.38 lakhs to Rs 11.05 lakhs
Hyundai Verna Rs 7.39 lakhs to Rs 9.73 lakhs Rs 8.56 lakhs to Rs 11.73 lakhs
Fiat Linea Rs 7.00 lakhs to Rs 9.03 lakhs Rs 8.17 lakhs to Rs 9.74 lakhs
Volkswagen Vento Rs 7.44 lakhs to  Rs 9.92 lakhs Rs 8.57 lakhs to Rs 10.94 lakhs
Skoda Rapid Rs 7.22 lakhs to Rs 9.82 lakhs Rs 8.39 lakhs to Rs 10.97 lakhs
Ford Fiesta No Petrol Model on Offer Rs 7.87 lakhs to Rs 9.44 lakhs
Renault Scala Rs 7.24 lakhs to Rs 10.61 lakhs Rs 8.35 lakhs to Rs 10.29 lakhs
Nissan Sunny Rs 6.99 lakhs to Rs 9.06 lakhs Rs 8.13 lakhs to Rs 9.77 lakhs
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Rs 6.99 lakhs to Rs Rs 9.34 lakhs Rs 8.04 lakhs to Rs 9.80 lakhs

*all prices mentioned here are ex-showroom, Delhi

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This list obviously doesn’t talk about the variants and the various features these cars come loaded with. However, it does sum up how all the cars in this mid sized sedan segment stack up vis-a-vis each other.

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