Come 2014 Nissan to Make Premium Infiniti Cars within China

Nissan is getting aggressive by the day. In its recent announcement to relaunch the entry level ‘Datsun’ brand in emerging countries like India, Indonesia and Russia, there is another info coming from the company. Nissan is planning to manufacture their premium brand – Infiniti Cars in China itself from 2014. Nissan has set itself a sales target of 5,00,000 Infiniti vehicles worldwide by 2016 and to realize this goal they have decided to go for local production in China.

  • Nissan plans to manufacture Infiniti Cars in China from the year 2014.
  • This would enable Nissan save a lot on the 25 percent taxes on imported vehicles levied in China
  • This move to localize manufacturing would also give Nissan a chance to compete withrivals like AUDI, Mercedes, BMW who produce locally
  • Initial plans to produce two models from the line-up. Models yet to be identified
  • Nissan has plans to target total sales of 5,00,000 units from its Infiniti brand by 2016 worldwide and counts China as one of the major contributors.
  • China accounted for only 16,126 cars out of the 1,46,000 Infiniti cars Nissan managed to sell globally in FY 2011 with sales coming predominantly from the United States.


Would Nissan plan to get Infiniti Cars here in India remains to be seen.



Saad Khan

Editor MotorBash

Source : Financial Express


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