While many people might believe that Tata Motors is flogging a dead horse by handing upgrades and facelifts to the Tata Nano, the Pune-based auto manufacturer isn’t ready to call it quits. The unearthing of a set of interesting spyshots of a Nano test mule by AutoColumn has raised a whole world of possibilities.


The rumor mills doing the rounds would have suggested that Tata Motors was leaving no stone unturned to unveil a Nano Diesel model as that would have given a much-needed push to the slow sales. The latest spyshots have spilled cold water over all those possibilities, atleast for now.

Notice carefully, and you will be able to make out that the test vehicle has a centrally positioned exhaust. The diesel Nano has been spied on earlier occasions, and has an exhaust positioned towards the left as the following unique spyshot we managed to snap clearly shows. It features both – the Nano diesel mule (emitting smoke from the left side exhaust) along with the regular petrol Nano with centrally mounted one.

Tata-Nano-Diesel (3)

Two possibilities arise. The test mule could be a facelifted Nano, with some attention being paid to the niggling issues faced by customers. One of the issues is a complete lack of rear space.

  • This is because of the rear mounted engine of the Nano. It takes up the lion’s share of the space at the rear of the Nano, and leaves a lot to be desired. Tata Motors might be considering the addition of a rear openable hatch, so as to increase space for stowing luggage. You might be able to spot the rear hinges in the following image, albeit with a lot of squinting.


  •  More proof of the rear openable hatch can be noticed from another spyshot. It does show an indentation above the hatch crease line, which might be the handle to open it. The centrally positioned exhaust can be clearly seen from this image.


Another possibility that exists is that the spied vehicle could be the Nano carrying an 800cc petrol engine however that is a little far-fetched for now . There is a spyshot which shows a changed front bumper. It appears a bit higher, and differently shaped. You can notice those details in the image below.


What has also been confirmed is that Tata will be launching Nano Twist which will come with a power steering in January 2014. Since it is reported that Nano Twist will not carry many significant changes, we feel Tata will not run it across all camouflaged. (More Details).

What do you think of the spyshots? Could it be a facelifted Tata Nano with an openable rear tailgate and Nano diesel like styling? More importantly, will these changes be able to revive the Tata Nano?

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  1. I am very happy to see that every attempt to update a product by Tata motors bites the dust. The story is some what same for Bajaj & Mahindra. These cronies, till recent past, enjoyed very good life by denying Indian customer access to sophisticated auto technology. They blocked every attempt by global auto makers to enter India. I am sure that Indian consumer is smart enough not to buy these creations by crony capitalist. Keep it up Indian Consumer!! You are brave and smart!!


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