Confirmed: Production of Seven-seat Wagon R MPV

We told you earlier, in March, this year about the 7-seater Wagon R that was displayed by Suzuki Indonesia at the IIMS Indonesia 2013. The stretched Suzuki will have a third row of seats at the rear, which, like in the Datsun GO+, seems best-suited only for kids – the agile ones, and not those who thrive on Maharaja Macs…

WagonR-7-Seater-MPV (2)

Still, with the second row carrying Wagon R’s 60:40 split seats, the access to the last row is certainly better than in the Datsun where you would have to fold the complete backrest of the second bench and then jump over!


Everyone was skeptical about the possibility of this car going into production. However, according to a report on, Suzuki has confirmed that the 7-seater will go in production in 2016 and that the development work has already begun. Davy J Tuilan, Director of Sales and Marketing, Suzuki Indonesia, is also believed to have said that it would feature better styling than its five-seat sibling.


And taking into account the similarities between the Indonesian and Indian market, we do believe Maruti Suzuki may consider launching it here as well, as a low cost alternate to the Ertiga. And if this happens, Maruti Suzuki may choose to launch the 7-seater with a 1.2L K-series petrol motor and/or the Fiat sourced 1.3L DDIS diesel engine as well, possibly in the lesser power 75PS trim only!


WagonR is a supremely practical car and doesn’t look any great in its current avatar. Hence, customers would not mind that ungainly elongated rear anyways. Maruti Suzuki will have the option of pricing it just above the regular WagonR and much below the Ertiga to fight the Datsun Go+.

At present, the Wagon R starts at around INR 3.5 lakh and its top-end variant, the Wagon R MC Vxi ABS, costs INR 4.38 lakh in Delhi. If the company can price the top-end seven-seater at, say, around 4.9-5 Lakhs, it should sell in abundance.

But the Datsun GO+ will be launched sooner…

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