In a surprise mailer received today morning, Nissan officially announced termination of all its ties with their erstwhile partners Hover Automotive which took care of distribution of Nissan branded cars in India.

The press release clearly read that Nissan has snapped all ties with Hover with immediate effects ie from today and the company will take care of distribution, sales and service of their cars themselves (Read details here).


In a strong retaliation mailer sent by Hover, the company says that they are surprised at the step taken by Nissan and cited it as ‘premature’. The company said, negotiations with Nissan are underway, however the talks have not reached any climax to be labelled as ‘termination’!

Hover further said that till the time an amicable solution has been reached, Hover expects to be the sole and exclusive distributor of Nissan branded cars in the country. In strong words, they clear that Nissan doesn’t have any legal basis for termination of its services and the company has taken strong exception to this step by the Jap auto maker.

Getting even stronger, they threatened to take any course of action required to protect interest of its employees and stakeholders.

This is clearly a partnership gone wrong scenario and if talks are still underway, Nissan should have waited till the conclusion to officially declare the termination to the media. The ball is in Nissan’s court now and we hope both the companies reach an amicable resolution as early as possible to ensure no loss to anyone.




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