Possibly for the first time, we are seeing such a backlash for a brand new car. Creta, was one of the most awaited car after the Renault Duster in this space and interestingly, Hyundai had built up a notion that they would price it ‘aggressively’. One of its top official before its launch said that they will ‘surprise’ everyone with its pricing and what came out at its launch was…well… nothing short of ‘surprising’ but in an exact opposite consideration! Here is a report on that…

Exactly on the same day of its launch, Hyundai, at their official Facebook page put up a banner which shared the starting prices and was quoted as…

The irresistible price ranges of both the petrol and diesel variant of the Hyundai #CRETA have been revealed. Avail these unbelievable prices at your nearest showrooms.

‘Irresistible’…’unbelievable’ for its prices…? We are NOT very sure…!


Now, we would urge you to go to this post and read through the comments. Out of the 358 odd comments, a massive percentage of fans have shouted ‘overpriced’ and some comments, as you would expect on such a page, are hilarious but some are meaningful suggesting Hyundai NOT to get too greedy with the success of the fantastic looking i20 and Grand i10.

After that backlash, we see Hyundai promoting its features and functionalities more than its weakest link – the overambitious price!

Creta has got the initial hype, negative or positive, and the company┬áis very bullish about their only compact SUV in the lineup. It would be interesting to see at what sales levels will it settle down in, say 4 to 5 months from now and how close will it keep with Hyundai’s target of upto 7000 units every month!




  1. Yes,Hundai has surprised everyone. I have driven the Vehicle. It is not to the mark & overpriced.In Chains it is available for Rd.11Lakhs,then whu Rs.17Lakhs hear.Hyundai is taking us for a ride.It know where matches Ecosport/Duster,they are any day better vehicles thanCreata.


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