Hyundai Creta, which was launched a few months back, is making a lot of noise already with truckloads of them getting shipped out to dealers every month and in many thousands. In fact barely under three months of its existence, it has also seen a price rise!

As per Hyundai, the compact SUV segment experiences a movement of 12,000 units per month. They agree that the market has seen a slight drop but they believe that Creta can turn this slowdown around and make the segment buzzing again…. buzzing again it is!

Its primary target Duster is a fantastic machine by all standards and through an on-paper spec comparo let us try and find out what separates both of these…

Duster-Vs-Creta-PicCreta, on paper, has a lot more power and torque for both the variants of diesel. It is faster in real-world performance too but for some reason, like the Verna, there is no soul. The ‘fun of driving’ is missing and the rush of power which can be experienced on the Duster 110 PS is not present.


For the petrol variants however, based on how the Verna responds, Creta may be better (we haven’t driven it) since Duster petrol is a drab car and hardly sells! Heck, we are not even sure if it is on sale! In terms of fuel efficiency, Creta is marginally better when we talk about certified figures.

Dimensionwise, Duster is a bigger car than Creta and has a larger wheelbase as well. ABS is offered in all variants of both the cars but airbags are limited to the higher variants on Creta and are not for the guys offering for the base Duster. Renault Duster offers the added option of an All Wheel Drive system which is not available in Creta. And in fact, Hyundai has quashed its possibility at least for the time being. However, what Creta provides is the convenient automatic gearbox which is not on offer on the Duster.

In terms of how much do you need to shell out – Creta is terribly overpriced and more so after the latest price hike. You can not buy even the most basic diesel variant under Rs 10 Lakhs on road!  The top of the line variant, without 4WD, costs over 15 Lakhs OTR in most cities.

On the other hand, Duster, which was also not very well priced initially, is going for some fantastic discounts, making it one real luring buy at the moment. We are sure, with better interiors and some tweaks to the engines along with more features, Duster facelift, which is scheduled to launch sometime in the coming few months, will strike back. And then we also have Maruti’s Vitara Brezza and Honda BRV about to gatecrash the party… There is a lot of hulchul planned in the compact SUV segment in the times to come…

Meanwhile here are the comparo sheets..

Creta vs Duster: Comparo Petrol


The petrol Duster uses a 1.6 litre mill which produces 104 PS of power and 148 Nm of torque while Creta’s similar sized engine produces 123 PS of maximum power and 151.02 Nm of peak torque.

Creta vs Duster: Comparo Diesel


The 1.5 litre dCi French mill produces 85 PS and 110 PS with a torque output of 200 Nm and 245 Nm respectively. Creta’s 1.4 litre mill produces 90 PS of power and 220 Nm of torque. The bigger 1.6 litre churns out 128 PS of maximum power and 259 Nm of peak torque.

So which one will you buy? Check out our CAR COMPAROS Page for more…




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