Well, ever since we Indians got Renault Logan on sale here, we preferred it for Taxi, without knowing that wherever it’s been on sale, it’s used for taxi purposes mostly.

And then we were, alright, I, was disaster struck when I heard that Mahindra bought the Logan brand from Renault which is originally from Dacia, Romania. but how many of us know that the relationship of Mahindra and Renault still continues?

Recently launched Mahindra Verito is nothing else but Dacia Logan which was face-lifted almost an year ago. And trust us, except engine option(Europeans always have hell lot of them) and some more bits here and there, both cars are everything and exactly the same! Have a look at both and pray that Mahindra now get good numbers on the sales charts. Just for info, this is the first face-lift the poor Logan has seen in past 4 years! Well, still have a look and I hope this deserving car will have its days as well.



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