We are just back from an awesome two days in Hyderabad where we got to drive the Datsun’s first ever car in India and the most important too, GO hatchback.

While we will share a detailed review along with tons of pictures very shortly, here are a couple of the most important pointers about the car. We got to interact with the top brass from the team at Datsun and managed to get some real interesting information about the car and Datsun’s India’s future plans.


Datsun GO Price & Variants:

Let us first share the most important bit – the expected price! While we have been firm on our prediction that Go may start just at Rs 2.99 Lakhs, our interactions further enhanced our conviction. Datsun also cleared that there will be three variants which will be on offer. So, according to our estimations, base variant of Go may start somewhere around Rs 2.99 Lakhs and the top of the line Go may end up somewhere at Rs 3.7 Lakhs.

Now if you are one of those who say, so what? Let us tell you that Go is based on a B+ segment car and it has space that can beat some from the higher segment as well. It gets a 1.2L responsive engine which can top at over 160kmph! Go is such a car which, if loaded with some premium features, can rival entry level B2-segment cars with ease and may topple a few of them as well.

So, a 2.99 lakh entry price will be a shocker of all sorts, for sure. Compare that with the rivals Datsun is targeting: Alto 800, Spark and Eon!

Datsun-Go (1)

*All the prices we have talked about are obviously ex-showroom Delhi and our predictions.

Datsun GO Launch:

So, that you are convinced that Go is the real upcoming deal, the next question is – When is it launching in the market?

While we knew about the tentative timelines, we also had the same question of exact dates! We got in touch with the Datsun officials present at the Media Drive and they cleared that Go will be launched in the market ‘within two weeks’ from then. So expect an official word from the company anytime soon and the launch date should be around or before 18th of March.

By the way, bookings are already underway and you can pre-book your car for an early delivery by paying Rs 11,000 which is refundable in case you are not satisfied with what is on offer!


So, are you excited? We, really are! Datsun Go is one of the most competitive offerings in the segment. Stay tuned for our comprehensive and detailed review of the car.

Meanwhile, you can check our complete coverage of Go here.

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