Yesterday, we revealed exclusively the free services as well as the service intervals of the upcoming Datsun Go with the help of its owner’s manual. Let us, today, compare Go with the competition – Eon, Alto 800 and Alto K10.

Alto has been the largest selling car in India ever since Maruti 800 was restricted by the company. Eon was launched by Hyundai to snatch some pie from the segment and it has been selling an average of 7-8,000 units per month. How would Go change the dynamics needs to be seen. Let us take a look at Datsun Go’s servicing and maintenance aspects.


Datsun GO vs Alto 800 vs Eon vs Alto K10

GO vs Eon vs Alto800 vs Alto K10: Servicing
GO Eon Alto800/K10
Warranty 2 years/unlimited kms 2 years/unlimited kms 2 years/40,000 kms
Extended Warranty Should be offered Upto 2 extra years Upto 2 extra years
Free Services 3 (expctd) 3 3
First Free Service 5000kms/6 months 1500kms/2 months 1000kms/1 month
Second Free Service 10,000kms/12 months 10,000kms/6 months 5000kms/6 months
Third Free Service 18,000kms/18 months 20,000kms/12 months 10,000kms/12 months
Service Interval after Free Service 10,000kms/12 months with minor inspection every 6 months 10,000kms/6 months 10,000kms/12 months


Like we revealed yesterday, Datsun Go gets a warranty of 2 years and unlimited kilometres. This is exactly similar to Hyundai Eon which also offers unlimited mileage warranty for 2 years. However, both Alto 800 and Alto K10 come with a warranty of 2 years which is limited to 40,000 kms.

Both Hyundai and Maruti offer options of extended warranties for a maximum of two years which gets applicable after the standard warranty period gets over at an additional amount. We are unsure about the same for Go but it should definitely be on offer.

Datsun-Go (1)

Free Services:

Datsun Go offers 3 free services (expected) each of them in a span of 5000kms or 6 months. A point to highlight is the first inspection interval which is NOT at the regular 1000kms level but instead it is at 5000kms and 6 months.

In comparison, Eon also has 3 free services – first at 1200-1500kms or 2 months, second at 9000-10000 or 6 months and third at 19000-20000 kms or 12 months.

Alto 800 and Alto K10 also gets 3 free services- First at 1000kms or 1 month, second at 5000kms or 6 months and third at 10000kms or 12 months.

Alto 800 Anniversary Edition

From this we can conclude that though the count of Go’s free services remain the same at 3 (expected), it is has a wider span of 18 months. However, Eon scores when it comes to the widest coverage in terms of mileage covered.

Service Intervals:

Datsun Go mandates a 10,000kms service interval but there is a minor job every 5000kms (we can only note Air Filter cleaner) which needs to be performed and get documented in the service verification record book.

On the contrary, (after Free services) Alto800 and Alto K10 have a longer 10,000kms or 12 months service interval. Eon plays it safe, when it offers 10,000kms service interval but it is mandated at every 6 months.

Hyundai Eon

Deducing from this, Alto twins are the most maintenance friendly when it comes to the number of times you need to go to the service station, followed by Eon (which has a higher mileage mandate) and the last is Datsun Go with the least service gap both in terms of kms and months (considering 5k as the service interval).

Datsun has confirmed the launch of Go on March 19th at a price which we feel will start somewhere around Rs 2.99 Lakh for the entry level variant. You can check out all the details and our complete coverage on Go here.





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