A rather interesting concept is displayed in the Datsun stall. The company calls it the ‘redi-Go’ and when you look at this concept I get a distinct feeling that I am looking at a small, cared for Pekingese with aggressive temper. Small size notwithstanding, the ‘redi-Go’ is the kind of kit you would take when you go to your neighborhood pub with boys who don’t mind being called show-offs.


Now, this ‘redi-Go’ is something Datsun says is “ambitious styling exploration,” we say if your design team has it in them to come up with something so exhilarating, ask the accounts department to support them. Unfortunately, Datsun it seems, want to leave the ‘redi-Go’ as ‘not-redi-Go’ yet.

“The ‘redi-Go’ builds on Datsun’s design language being modern and distinctive, clear and robust, vigorous and positive. Combining 5-door hatchback practicality with a rugged SUV stance, the ‘redi-Go’ Concept previews a potential small crossover for the Indian market,” says the Datsun press note.

What Vincent Cobee, Global Head of Datsun, says is more inspirative. He says that if Datsun were to make a car like the ‘redi-Go’ concept, it would be a segment creator in India, an aspirational (sic) car that is attainable and within the reach of first time buyers.

Well, why stop at the Concept then, Datsun? Bring it on! Shake up the crossover segment.




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