Datsun’s 3rd Car is Alto Rivalling Hatch; No Entry Sedan Planned for India

This should not come as a surprise to you and is in line with earlier reports of Datsun’s product portfolio for India. In a report published at Financial Express, there are a few interesting bits that are revealed; we list them out!

Click on this pic for Go’s picture gallery and details
  • This report confirms Go hatchback and Go+ MPV for India as the first two products for our markets.
  • The third car from their stables will be a new smaller (than Go) hatchback, codenamed as I2, which will rival Alto and Eon.
  • It will be priced around the bracket of Rs 2-3 Lakhs.
  • I2 hatchback is expected to be launched in 2015-16.
  • Nissan expects to sell around 8000-9000 units of the car per month in line with Hyundai’s Eon.
  • This report also quashes the possibility of Datsun’s entry sedan for India which will be launched in Russia.

With Datsun products, Nissan intends to increase its market share in India to 2.5% from its current meagre 1.1% next year. All the three products are targeted at the mass-volume segments in India.

Nissan has also cleared that all the Datsun products will hover around the Rs 4 lakh price bracket. Going by this analogy, here is what Nissan may have in mind:

  • Datsun I2: Rs 2-3 Lakhs
  • Datsun Go: Rs 3-4 Lakhs
  • Datsun GO+ MPV: Rs 4-5 Lakhs
Here is the Go+ MPV. Click pic for details

Interestingly, GO+ MPV is a sub 4 meter 7 seater car and will be priced around the Rs 4 lakh price bracket. This also means that products are well spaced and have their distinct identity without overlapping into each other much. Yes, there may be a bit of cannibalization with Nissan branded products but finally a customer will remain within the brand itself.

Since Nissan is targeting the tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India with the Datsun brand, it will be a big challenge for the company to ensure a widespread brand awareness. They have already started promotions with roadshows planned in 100 odd cities of India and billboards spreading the word.

Response to Go will be the major decider for Datsun in India. But what we see is a real interesting product portfolio only if Nissan can improve their dealerships in the country.

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