Automated driving cars may seem space age, straight out of a Hollywood movie, science fiction style magic but that my friends is happening as you read this. Delphi, the global automotive parts manufacturer is conducting the first ever coast to coast automated drive in the world. The drive started on March 22, 2015 near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California aiming to cover approximately 3,500 miles (nearly 5,633 km).

The aim of this drive is to gather critical data which will further help the company work and develop active safety technology. The best part is that they can test the machinery under an assortment of driving conditions from changing weather and terrain to potential road hazards, something which can never be truly tested in a lab.

Delphi Automated Drive 3 (Copy)

The full suite of tech wizardry includes:

  • Radar, vision and Advanced Drive Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Multi-domain controller: High-end microprocessor to seamlessly drive multiple features and functions
  • V2V/V2X: Wireless vehicle communication technology extends the range of existing ADAS functionality
  • Intelligent software that enables the vehicle to make complex, human-like decisions for real-world automated driving

Delphi Automated Drive 1 (Copy)

The intelligent software collection includes traffic jam assist, automated highway pilot with lane change (on-ramp to off-ramp highway pilot), automated urban pilot and automated Parking and Valet.

Delphi Automated Drive 2 (Copy)

These technological advancements help the car to make instantaneous complex decisions like stopping and then proceeding at a four-way stop, timing a highway merge or calculating the safest manoeuvre around a bicyclist on a city street.




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