Delphi, one of the biggest OEM parts manufacturer and supplier has made a new breed of Gasoline Direct Injection or simply the GDi engine which is more like diesel when it comes to working, but quite similar to petrol engines when it comes to power output. More than that, Delphi has concentrated more on fuel economy than power output.

In a single cylinder engine test, Delphi has anticipated a 50% hike in the fuel efficiency figures of normal sedans.

The engine designed by Delphi works quite similar to that of Fiat’s MultiJet. The petrol will have to be injected thrice in order  to correct the flame velocity and other technical hurdles which till now have been a pain in the head for the engineers around the world.

What Delphi actually has done is, they are burning the fuel like diesel is burnt, no more spark plugs. Petrol is compressed till the limits thus igniting the mixture inside the cylinders. And the extremely high rate of burn and knock problems are corrected by spraying the ‘actually needed’ fuel in installments.

We welcome the efforts Delphi, make it a reality soon, We are half dead with the oil prices already.



Ankit Tiwari

Team MotorBash


News Source: Torque News






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