Driving: Cautions and Precautions- Continued

Hello everyone. Alright, let’s talk about Alcohol, Drugs and after effects while driving. Well, if you drive after consuming any intoxicating stuff and reach home safely, let me tell you all the inside things that either u haven’t noticed else you have over looked.

Alcohol and almost every other drug out there forces your brain to release a hormone called ‘Endorphin’ or the bigger name is ‘Endogenous Morphine’. This hormone is the basic behind ‘happiness’ and the basic for that ‘feel good’ factor. But, the happy things end here, the after effects of intoxicating things are, they slow you down, not the thinking timings but the reaction timings. We all know that we operate on electricity just like any other thing. The volts in a human body is around 1/10th of a Volt, that’s huge and so huge that the signals from anywhere in your body to anywhere in your body travels at a whooping speed of 1,080 million kms per hour or 300,000 kms per second, so you actually don’t take time to think, the muscles which have grown lazy ( We’ll tell you later why muscles go lazy) takes time to respond and thus resulting in accidents.

Well, nothing can actually slow down the speed of Light, Electricity, Magnetic waves and some more of the likes. So why muscles go lazy? Have you ever worked out? In a Gym? Well if yes, you must have noticed after vigorous workout even a pen feels so heavy. That’s because of Alcohol. Alcohol is a naturally occurring thing, a Carbon compound, worship it like God and we don’t drink God. When we workout in a gym or anything which takes strength, our body makes Alcohol out of Sugar present in muscles and water from blood when supply of Oxygen is not sufficient to power the muscles to pull those heavy dumb-bells. At first even a 20 kg dumb-bell feels lighter but after sometime, that pen we were talking about, goes heavy. That’s what Alcohol and other drugs do. So, while you’re intoxicating yourself, body feels it is to make things lighter to handle, then things get worst by the time you get up and start walking towards your car or motorcycle. Everything feels heavy even when it is not just because your body has reached a point to excrete the intoxication out. Anyway, if you can understand this, you may not intoxicate yourself and drive with that, if you haven’t you were not that good at your school.

Then, Alcohol also bars vision, we all know, at 40 kph, the vision is 100 degrees, at 100 kph, it is 40 degrees after consuming all these things, the vision gets so much impaired that we need to concentrate more on any given subject that is important for time being, our brain chucks every other detail and this is what happens at high speeds and after intoxication. Your brain tells you to concentrate on the center of the road just to make sure you are going the right way and no one is getting in between. You view is now ‘Tunnel Vision’, and thus limiting your practical range of view, this too is one factor.

Well, now after the intoxication part let’s think on what actually the body does and why still the accidents happen. Suppose you still feel confident that you can ride or drive. You start driving at your normal pace, say 60 kph, at which a normal range of view is something around 80 degrees but you are drunk and need more concentration so your range is now 50 degrees. So what you actually see is just your lane while looking straight ahead and you miss all the bill-boards and other details on road including the view in the ORVMs. Another good chance for death to own you. I bet, most of the time you don’t know what car followed you for the most of the time. Why drink and drive?

For Alcohol’s sake, please enjoy it after you reach home else sleep on footpath or in the bar itself because we know, you are more willing to pay for huge hospital bills than 20-50 rupees for the mass transit systems. Also, the innocent souls out there are more precious than you. trust us, the speed of light and then Neurons in your body are way too fascinating, study them and you will know more on how and why body reacts like this after alcohol and drugs, that intoxication of knowledge is more awesome than alcohol itself and then as we petrol heads say, ‘Nothing can replace Adrenaline, it isn’t illegal, have it.’

So take it as a request from us, Team MotorBash to enjoy responsibly. Driving is way too much fun than anything else, and if you can’t enjoy it, please feel free to quit any one of these.


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