Crash Test: Duster Scores Zero Star but More Shockingly Airbag Version Also Compromised!

More than the Duster crash test rating, you will be disappointed with the cost cutting Renault has done on the Indian version…

Now this is why crash tests are a wonderful revelation of how safer cars are we driving on our roads. In Safer Cars for India program, now into its second set, Global NCAP crash tested few India-made cars, results of which they are releasing one by one.

The first car to face the wrath is Renault Duster. It must be known that Duster scored a good four stars in 2015 when Latin NCAP crash tested it. However, there is one real big disappointment waiting for you – if you are driving an Indian version! Read on…

Duster Crash Test Rating

First GNCAP tested the basic version of Duster which does NOT come with airbags. The compact SUV scored a dismal zero star rating for adult occupant protection. It managed only 2 stars for rear seat child occupant protection.

Following this dismal show, Renault requested GNCAP to test Duster with a single driver airbag. Adult protection rating did increase to three stars whereas rear child protection remained at two.

Duster Crash Test Rating

But the shocking news is this…

How come the Latin American Duster fared better (four starts) than the Indian Duster. The reason is the size of the airbag! In India, Renault has deployed a smaller size airbag which provides inadequate safety – heights of cost-cutting!

During the crash test, the driver’s head did not touch the center of the airbag as it should. Instead, despite the presence of the airbag, the head had the potential to bang on the steering wheel and hence, higher risk of injury! The Latin American Duster’s airbag, on the other hand, covered the head and the chest of the driver and was much safer.

Indian Duster Crash Test Results

Duster Crash Test: Read complete report

It is surprising that manufacturers do NOT consider Indian lives important; and it is not that the Duster is sold cheap in India! Time to wake up Renault and smell the coffee…

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