Duster Power; Renault Becomes the 7th Largest Seller in India in November

When it forayed into India with Mahindra back in 2007, the end result was a very potent Logan which failed to make a significant mark in the market. 

Due to differences and possibly a bigger ambition, Renault decided to break apart from the joint venture and foray into the Indian market on their own. They knew that they needed a bit more than just cars to be successful in the market – Duster was the name!

This compact SUV broke all records for the company and is one of the biggest hits in the Indian market this year. Duster, single handedly has put Renault a force to reckon with. What is more surprising to know is that, it is the third largest selling utility vehicle in India behind Bolero and Ertiga, which is by any means, a big achievement for a company which is relative newer without a significant penetration in the market.

Renault Duster

For the month of November, Renault, at 7th place is over Ford, Volkswagen, Honda, Nissan, Skoda, Mitsubishi and Fiat in India among the regular manufacturers.

Renault, now has a dealership count of 75 and are looking good for another 25 by the end of 2012. In its short run in India, it has made a niche for itself and is now known for all the correct reasons. From being the brand that sold Nissan-ish cars with different bonnets, they have become a brand which sells the Duster, a true blue city SUV which has the guts of an SUV and the finesse of a city car. All thanks to its success, the monthly sales figures stand at 6607 units for Novemver 2012, with the Duster accounting for 5251 units out of the total sales.

Coming to the brand’s flagship, the Koleos (remember that car with some innovative features and the Bose sound system), managed 31 units ( Really people?? ). All thanks to the Fortuner and the recently introduced Pajero Sport, Koleos has never quite managed to take off.


Even though the same product as the Nissan Micra at a higher price, the Pulse hatch managed 436 units. The car which was brought into India seeing the huge success of the Nissan Sunny – Scala, has not really taken the market by storm. It has been majorly attributed to the fact that Renault is selling essentially the same Sunny at a price of INR 60,000-1,00,000 more than it. The chic sedan, Fluence sold 82 units in all.

Check All Details of Renault Duster

Renault has had a good run in its short stay in the Indian market with fairly decent penetration in the market. What Renault should understand that providing virtually same visually different product at a higher price won’t really bring in sales. They need volume products which can take them deeper into India. The upcoming Lodgy MPV looks one good prospect. We also had a few spypics of Modus small car, but it is uncertain if Renault is considering it for the Indian market.

How about this Duster D-Cross Concept? Click on the image to know more about it.
It also remains to be seen, how would Renault respond to the upcoming EcoSport which is one single big thorn capable enough to burst their Duster bubble.


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