Dzire DDIS Registers 45.8kmpl & Dzire Petrol 42.1kmpl in Dzirable Mileage Rally

Maruti is acting fair and square to Honda Amaze’s onslaught. In fact, it appears that Maruti is taking special cognizance of the first true potential challenger to Dzire.

In a stark response, Maruti launched a special edition Dzire Regal recently and in continuation, has conducted – Dzirable Mileage Rally, an event which brings out the max out of its customer’s Dzires. The company says that these events are a celebration of the fifth anniversary of Dzire in India.

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The Dzirable Mileage Rally was conducted across 31 different cities of India during the last weekend. Mr. Gurdeep Singh, who managed to extract a whooping 45.8kmpl from his Dzire, stood first in the diesel category. It was Mr. Shrirang Chindarkar, who managed a super special 42.1kmpl of mileage on his Dzire petrol, who took away the crown in the petrol category.

The overall average fuel efficiency for petrol came out to 30.6kmpl whereas for Dzire diesel it was 32.4kmpl. Consider this against the ARAI certified mileage of 19.1kmpl for petrol and 23.4kmpl for diesel.

Maruti has managed to sell a fantastic 5.5lakh Dzires in the Indian market in the last 5 years and has been on an uphill for the last few months selling close to 18,000 units monthly.

Maruti has been known for such kind of tactics which re-emphasize and brings these fantastic FE numbers to the generic public. Honda has played a master stroke by keeping a bigger-engined Amaze 2.4kmpl (ARAI certified) higher than Dzire diesel, in turn becoming the most fuel efficient car in the country.ย And this mileage rally appears to be a direct response to Amaze and a marketing ploy to reinstate any lost ground.

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  1. I have Swift 2008 Model and it delivers 22 KMPL on highway with AC on in Petrol and it delivers 28 KMPL on highway with AC on in CNG. In city I get around 18-20 KMPL in CNG and 14-18 in Petrol. It has done 43,000 KM.

  2. Thats how it is..people shut off engine whenever possible. Maruti must have selected a route which would have provided ample of such opportunities. AC is never turned on and so on. Maruti is really scared it seems ๐Ÿ™‚


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