Update on Dzire Recall; Includes Swift & Ertiga as Well: Check Inside if Your Car is Included

There has been an official confirmation from Maruti Suzuki regarding the recall which we have reported a few days back. Maruti has said that the owners of these cars will be contacted by Maruti dealers and the faulty part will be replaced.The company says that the new component is being dispatched to dealer workshops.


The company has declared that they will pro-actively replace the fuel filler neck of 42,481 units of Dzire, 47,237 units of Swift, 13,593 units of Ertiga manufactured between November 12, 2013 and February 4, 2014. The reason given by the company includes a possibility of fuel smell tormenting the passengers to fuel leakage as the worst case scenario, if fuel is filled up to the fuel cap beyond the designated auto cut off level.

Maruti further says that the fault was noticed thanks to a regular quality check in the manufacturing process. The company will replace the fuel filler neck free of cost.

How Do I know if my car is in the recall list?

If you believe that your car is one of the cars affected, all you need to do is:

  1. Visit this webpage
  2. Fill in the chassis number of your car which is embossed on the vehicle identification plate. It is also present on the vehicle invoice and registration documents.

You can also visit your nearest dealer/workshop to get this problem rectified.

Once again we would like to tell our readers that recalls are not a sacrilege as one might want to believe. On the contrary it shows that the manufacturers are taking responsibility of their lapses.

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