E2O Spotted Again; Mahindra Reva is 22nd in Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

After acquiring the Bangalore based Reva Electric company, Mahindra renamed it to Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles. 

The first product from this change will be the completely revamped version of erstwhile Reva NXR which will be called as E2O. The car has been spotted many a times on Indian roads but its launch is getting delayed, possibly because of the upcoming budget session. Here are a few more spyshots of the car from Bangalore shared by a Team-Bhp member.

Mahindra-Reva-E2O (1)


Mahindra Reva Ranks in Top 50 Most Innovative Companies

Mahindra Reva has been awarded a place in the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies by the ‘Fast Company’ magazine. The company stands at 22nd place in the list of top 50. This award focuses on businesses that work towards creating a big impact across industries.

Mahindra Reva is the only Indian company that has been featured in the list and the list comprises of big and renowned brands like Google, Apple, Nike, Samsung among others. The magazine considers the smartphone powered ‘Emergency Electric Boost’ as one of the coolest features in the upcoming E2O.


E2O comes loaded with many innovative and useful features which the company thinks will make a certain difference in the way we drive and look towards cars. We hope Mahindra launches the little wonder soon.

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Spyshots Credit: Team-Bhp

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