Ecosport & Duster Fight Tooth and Nail in Brazil; EcoSport Outperforms in December Sales

Well, if you are a true motorhead there are better chances that you would be one among the millions waiting for the Ford EcoSport to arrive in the Indian car market.

So which one among the Duster and Ecosport will be a winner here in India? Which one will be your choice? Which one will be a better seller?

It’s just a matter of time before we will get these answers when Ecosport will actually be launched in India but we have one relevant market of Brazil where the big fist fight for supremacy is already taking place.

Brazil, one of the emerging car market of the world, has got both the compact SUVs, the  EcoSport and the Duster. Both of them are at the top of the table when it comes to the best sellers in this compact SUV segment. For the complete last year, Duster recorded sales of 46,893 units and the EcoSport sold 38,284 units. However, this total of Ecosport includes the earlier generation of the car till the new one was launched in the Brazilian market in the month of July.


Despite being in the Brazilian market for quite a long time, Duster still enjoys one of the top 3 slots in terms of sales. For the past few months since the new Ecosport has made its way, it has been difficult for the French manufacturer’s car to maintain its lead.

For the previous months, both the Compact SUVs have been fighting for the top slot and have been displacing each other one after the other. In the month of December, EcoSport outperformed Duster in sales, by 162 units with sales of 6686 units. In fact for the last quarter of the year Ecosport registered total sales of 16,752 which is an average of over 5500 units per month, larger than what Duster is selling in India currently.

Ecosport & Duster. Click on pic to see more. Pic Credit: Auto Esporte

Similar fist fight is expected here in India when Ecosport makes its way for the first time sometime around March-April. Renault is also considering redesigning the Duster based on the DCross concept to better prepare it for Ecosport’s assault. Ford will also bring the PowerShift Automatic Transmission system Ecosport in India which has been spied a few months back. 

We’re very excited to see the battle between the two, are you?


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