EcoSport Outsells Duster Again for First Half of March in Brazil

It was a close fight for supremacy between both the EcoSport and Duster in Brazil initially, the market where they exist in tandem. But it seems to have found an answer finally. 

EcoSport has yet again outsold the reigning champion Duster and by a big margin, for the first 15 days of the month of March 2013. Initially, both the SUVs were neck to neck one pushing the other for the crown but now EcoSport, despite being a costlier car than Duster in Brazil, has been beating the latter for a few months.

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EcoSport managed to oust 2558 units whereas Duster sold a paltry 836 cars from its showrooms during the first fortnight of March. Duster was down and out last month with sales of only 1212 units and the same story is about to get repeated this month as well. At this rate, EcoSport might touch that 5000 units mark whereas it looks a little difficult for Duster to reach 2000 units when the full month’s report is available.

Back in India, Duster is going through a fabulous run and its the EcoSport which is all expected to break its monopoly. In India, EcoSport will be classified as a ‘small’ car according to our excise duty regulations and hence will attract lesser 12% duties. Another reason which turns in EcoSport’s favor is that it will be cheaper than Duster here.

So, how will Renault respond to the oncoming hazard of EcoSport? Will Ford manage to turn all the hype into sales for EcoSport? All these will get answered once EcoSport gets launched in India sometime towards the end of June or early July.

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3 thoughts on “EcoSport Outsells Duster Again for First Half of March in Brazil”

  1. just yesterday i saw/feel the much hyped Ford Eco-sport at Mantri Mall, Bangalore. I was shocked to see the comfort level at the back seat, Only 2-People can sit, getting in & out is difficult, people are comparing it to Duster ? why, Duster is much much bigger car & most comfortable to get in & out, bigger boot space. Eco sport is slightly bigger than I-10, except for better Ground clearance there is nothing to boast, why all magazines are misleading the public,One more thing why people are not coming out with Auto Gear-Box on Diesel vehicles.

    • I checked out the Ecosport at Lulu mall, Kochi and the Duster in its showroom. Now here is the major difference I found. ( This maybe a myth-breaker )

      * Ecosport’s rear seats are more comfortable than Duster’s:

      ES provides sufficient leg-room and excellent under-thigh support. 3 adults can sit spreading their chests wide, but still, that wont be comfortable for long rides. The drawbacks are no arm-rest in the middle and a slightly upright sitting position.
      Duster lacks under-thigh support,considerably discomforting, and also provides the same legroom as that of ES. But it is wider and has an arm-rest. But still, it is so NOT comfortable.


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