The interim budget has brought in some very good news for us automobile enthusiasts. As the Finance Minister declared a cut in the excise duty to help pick up the slowing auto-industry, several auto-manufacturers have responded similarly by announcing reductions in the prices of their models. Apart from Mahindra, Honda, Nissan & Hyundai, Ford India and Tata Motors have also announced price cuts in their Indian models. We will skim them one by one.


Ford-EcoSport (6)

Ford has reduced the prices of its models by a maximum of INR 1.07 lakhs. The prices have been revised with immediate effects to pass on the benefits of the excise duty cut to the customers. The models for which the price reductions have been done include the Ford Figo, Ford Classic, Ford EcoSport, Ford Fiesta and Ford Endeavour. Here is  a list of the price benefits that the customers will be entitled to. Since different variants will see differing price reductions, we have listed the maximum amounts for each model.

  • Ford Figo – INR 23,399/-
  • Ford Classic – INR 24,056/-
  • Ford EcoSport – INR 25,947/-
  • Ford Fiesta – INR 32,961/-
  • Ford Endeavour – INR 1,06,753/-



Tata Motors has also passed on the price benefit to its customers with the maximum price gain of Rs 1.5 lakhs. The price reduction varies from INR 6,300 to INR 63,000 in the case of passenger vehicles, while it goes from INR 15,000 to INR 1,50,000 in the case of commercial vehicles. The price reductions will go into effect immediately. Unfortunately, we don’t have a comprehensive list of the specific price reductions for various models.

But an educated guess will be that the Rs 6300 corresponds to Nano and the maximum Rs 63000 price slash will be applicable to their Aria crossover.

As we have been saying time and again, if you are on the brink of buying a car, we suggest buy it by June this year since this reduction may be overruled if India gets a new government at the center!

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