EcoSport to Offer India’s First Emergency Assistance System; All You Need to Know!

Ford is about to set a new benchmark for safety in India. During the media drive of its urban SUV EcoSport in Goa, the company detailed all the media persons about its new safety feature that it will be bringing to India – Emergency Assistance System. Though its equipped in over 5 million Ford vehicles all over the world, it’s a-first-in-any-segment for India.


What is Emergency Assistance System?

So, what exactly is the Emergency Assistance System? Do customers need to shell out a few extra bucks for this electronic mumbo-jumbo? How does it work? These are the questions which must have sprung in your mind. Let us clear it out for you.

Emergency Assistance is a call-for-help system that can be a potential life-saver in critical road situations. It has the ability to send a voice message to emergency operators of a country in the event of an accident. The system detects if the airbags have been deployed or the fuel-pump has been shut off, and then it opens up a hands-free communication channel with emergency operators.

The Emergency Assistance System works along with SYNC, Ford’s in-car entertainment and communications system. SYNC works through voice commands and lets the driver make and receive calls as well as play music from mobile phones. SYNC-Emergency Assistance uses the mobile phone of the driver via Bluetooth, and keeps running in the background once the pairing has been completed.


Emergency Assistance System Working

In case of detection of specific triggers by the system, it will make a call to 108 (India’s Emergency Service) via the paired phone, and let the driver communicate hands-free with the operator. SYNC also has the capabilities of disconnecting an existing call as well as rejecting an incoming call in the split-second duration of an accident. In the worst-case scenario, the System will send a message about the accident to the Emergency Service as well as the GPS location coordinates.


Ford’s Emergency Assistance in a Nutshell

  • It is provided complementary with all SYNC powered EcoSports.
  • It gets triggered (only) when an airbag gets deployed or the emergency fuel pump shut-off gets activated during an accident.
  • Emergency Assistance automatically calls 108 to inform the rescue teams about the mishap
  • It provides the details including the positioning of the victim (co-ordinates of the car) and the accident.
  • It uses occupant’s connected cellphone for this emergency call
  • There is no third party call center involved here.

Ford should be applauded for taking the initiative in taking safety a notch higher in its vehicles. The best part about SYNC Emergency Assist System is that it entails no subscription cost, and is provided free-of-cost for the whole ownership cycle of the car.

However, as you can also make out there are a few India specific dependencies. But if everything works according to the system, a person can receive help when it is needed the most and this can really be a life saving feature. Looks like now we can have that peace of mind as we take the wheel of our vehicles and set pace for the woods in the outskirts of the city!

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