EcoSport vs Duster: EcoSport Again Outsells Duster in February 2013 Sales in Brazil

The new Ecosport has already made way into Brazil and the fight for supremacy against the arch rival Duster is underway and has just been growing by each passing month. 

Its early days for the new EcoSport and the compact UV is basking in the new launch fervor. For consecutive months, EcoSport has outdone Duster in monthly sales. And this time its a huge differences. EcoSport sold as many as 4324 units in the month of February where Duster managed only 1212 units in all.


This is a big fall for Duster and we are unsure if there was any production loss or any other technical issue which led to this downfall of sales. Or is it the EcoSport eating away its shares? For most of the months after the new EcoSport has been launched in Brazil, it has mostly been EcoSport which has beaten Duster despite being a costlier car.

Brazilian market is much like India and the same battle for supremacy is all  bound to be seen here as well. The difference will be that Duster is having a dream run here with sales figures hovering over 4k-5k monthly units. But, on the contrary, EcoSport is expected to be priced lesser than Duster and it (EcoSport) being a fresher product, will also gain from the intense hoopla that it has created.

Dacia-Renault-Duster-Adventure (2)
This is the Duster Adventure. Click pic for details

So, which way will the tide turn here? Will Duster be able to retain its stature or will EcoSport break the monopoly and eat it for a nightwalk? Its just a matter of a few months!

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Sales Figures Source: BestSellingCarsBlog

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  1. don’t compare Duster with Eco Sport, Duster is a bigger vehicle the Eco Sport in all aspects, recently i sat in Eco sport- getting -in & out at back seat is very difficult, only TWO People can sit at back COMPARE DUSTER TO ECO SPORT IS NOT JUSTIFIED


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