If you are still unaware, Brazil is the first country in the world, where Ford launched the new Ecosport. The compact SUV was pitted directly against the segment leader Duster. 

Till the time we receive the EcoSport in India in early 2013, we are base-lining the performance of both the cars from Brazil.


Ecosport is in its fourth month of sale in Brazil and generally, the initial months are the best for a car which has been promoted to the neck and after that it settles down in the market to certain regular figures. And as expected, for the month of October, it was Ecosport which triumphed over Duster with a sales difference of 1654 units.

During the reports from mid-November, Duster was striking back to the first position. And after the concrete full month results,  it, in fact, is Duster which has bounced back to the back with monthly sales of 4685 units against Ecosport’s 3633. That is a difference of 1052 units between these two.

That. simply put, means Ecosport had a very brief period at the top which was expected due to the initial euphoria. And after that its almost back to regular business with Duster topping the charts as earlier.

Duster D-Cross Concept. Click on the image to know more about it. Image: CarScoop
If we turn our attention back to India, we see a very similar scenario here. Duster is the blockbuster of the year here and has single-handedly catapulted Renault India to the seventh position in last month’s sales over biggies like VW, Ford, Honda among others.

Duster has been selling over 5000 monthly units for the past two months with huge waiting periods. With the Ecosport all set to rock India around February, are we all set to witness a similar scenario?

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Ford has started aggressively testing Ecosport prior to its launch here in India. Here are the latest spypic articles:


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