Ford EcoSport vs 2014 Fiesta: Spec & Price Comparison

Ford’s revival started with the Figo and was carried over by the latest rage EcoSport, a compact SUV which managed to win the hearts of thousands of Indians right from day one.

The Fiesta is to be their next weapon, which is to be followed by the Next-Gen Figo and Figo Sedan. Things do seem rosy with so many promising models lined up, but can they really pull it off? Well only Time will answer this! Till then, let us channel our focus (oh yes! We would love to see the Focus on our roads as well) on the new 2014 Fiesta and the EcoSport.


With the current aggressive pricing, the new Fiesta also competes with its own sibling EcoSport among the other C-segment sedans we have already talked about in detail.

Ford EcoSport vs New 2014 Fiesta:

So, here is a quick comparison between these two weapons Ford has armed itself with to increase its market share:

Specification New 2014 Fiesta EcoSport (Only Diesel)
Engine 1.5L TDCi 8V SOHC 1.5L TDCi 8V SOHC
Max. Power 91PS 91PS
Peak Torque 204Nm 204Nm
L×B×H (in mm) 4320×1764×1486 3999×1765×1708
Wheelbase 2489mm 2520mm
Turning Radius 5.2m 5.3m
Fuel Tank 40L 52L
Boot Space 430L 346L (expandable to 705L)
Transmission 5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Wheel Size 195/60 R15 195/65 R15
Airbags All variants Only in top variant
ABS All variants Not in base variant
Fuel Efficiency 25.01kmpl 22.67kmpl
Price range (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 7.69 lakhs to Rs 9.29 lakhs Rs 7.27 lakhs to Rs 9.59 lakhs

Both the cars cars are powered by the same 1.5L Diesel engine but on the Fiesta it appears Ford has tuned it a wee bit better. Both the cars churn out exactly same power and torque outputs but the fuel efficiency difference is significant. New Fiesta returns over 25kmpl to every liter of fuel whereas the EcoSport is rated at about 22.6kmpl. This could be attributed to Fiesta’s lesser wight as well.

Ford-EcoSport (4)

Being a sedan, it is longer and lower than EcoSport but EcoSport has a larger wheelbase.

Ford EcoSport vs New Fiesta Variants Price Comparison:

Variants New Fiesta EcoSport
Ambiente 7.69 Lacs 7.27 Lacs
Trend 8.55 Lacs 8.07 Lacs
Titanium 9.29 Lacs 9.07 Lacs
Titanium + NA 9.59 Lacs

This is where the biggest similarity is. Fiesta is just about 40+k higher for the top two variants whereas this difference is reduced to about 20,000 for the Titanium trim. Ford is not offering the new Fiesta with the Titanium Option (plus) trim but we believe it may come later.

New-2014-Ford-Fiesta-Pic (2)

The EcoSport diesel, in its initial days was launched at a price tag of Rs 6.69 lakhs with the range topping at Rs 8.69 lakhs (both prices ex-showroom, Delhi). This is what made the car so successful. Ford is most probably going to do the same with the Fiesta, by starting it well below the psychological 8 lakh barrier and taking it higher as the demand increases.

We would also love to see the petrol Fiesta in the future with the 1.0L EcoBoost motor. Between these two cars, it seriously is a question of what do you want. A crossover/Compact SUV kind of a guy will go for the EcoSport whereas the one who likes to have more comfort will go for the sedan.

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