Entry Level Force One to Come With a BS3 Engine; Spotted Again

We have been keeping a close eye on all the developments from the Force Motors’ stables. Through our regular and exclusive spyshots we have been revealing all the developments the Pune based auto maker is planning to work on.

That the company is planning to launch two new variants of their lone passenger car – Force One SUV, is already known to all of us. While the higher 4×4 variant will be sitting over the current Force One, it is the lower entry level variant that they are banking upon heavily to bring them the much needed volumes.


And just to ensure that they present a very luring prospect at least in terms of price, we have learnt that this entry level variant will sport a BS3 engine instead of the current potent 2.2L FMTECH which adheres to BS4 emission norms. This means that Force will not be able to sell their entry level Force One in bigger cities which follow BS4 emission norms.

However, the current policy of concentrating on semi-urban and rural markets might just be good way to begin things and penetrate in the market. This is because, almost all companies – new and old, offer their most technically competent products in bigger and metro cities and hence the competition is always high.


If they can setup a good base in smaller cities, scaling it up to bigger cities might just be relatively easier since they would have something concrete to talk about. It would also give them a better price advantage to keep the selling price of the new Force One as lesser as possible.

Which engine and which tune will it be in? 

We are unsure but it might be the same diesel mill which they are currently testing for the Trax Gurkha as well. A power output of around 90PS and a torque output of around 220-230 Nm is what the engine in new tune might produce. This lower variant might start at around 8 Lakhs to give other SUVs a run for their money.

Launch of both the new variants of Force One will happen in a couple of months.


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4 thoughts on “Entry Level Force One to Come With a BS3 Engine; Spotted Again”

  1. The current one out in the market has not disturbed the statisticians much. the 4×4 was due for a lunch in March last year and there is absolutely no news from them on when it would be launched. Also thier facebook site talks a lot about repeated issues this product has been facing. Not sure what F1 is upto. For them to foray into the urban market, they sure need to be doing something different in terms of positioning themselves the right way. I wish they do well!!

      • Thanks Saad. I have been closely following this site for updates. Unlike other launches, Force has not given away any indications on when other models would arrive in the market and that was a little surprising to me, moreso with several users on FB asking the same question for close to a year now and the same answer from the moderator!! BTW can you share your opinion on this product. I test drove it a couple of times and found the suspension really good. What was not convincing was, given its image in the market, would it be a sensible buy in terms of long term ownership etc.

        • Forgot to mention, the interior fit and finish was a let down too. When i asked the sales person about it, he acknowledged “we had to keep cost under control”. That was indeed surprising. Looks like a capable product, but it is not confidence inspiring to be owned longer term.


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