Ertiga Starts With Bumper 400 Bookings From Maharashtra On The Very First Day

Maruti Ertiga, the LUV (Life Utiility Vehicle) has been received with a big applause. On the very first day this car has received around 400 bookings from Maharashtra only. People from all walks of life are flocking in showrooms to get a glimpse of the car. It has received large number of enquiries as well.

The car is priced at Rs 6.23 lakhs to 8.88 lakhs ex-showroom in Mumbai.

Maruti believes that today’s customers demand a spacious and comfortable car which looks good and is lighter on the pocket. Ertiga fits into this picture among all the UVs (utility vehicles) in India.

The company has plans to launch Ertiga to other Southeast Asian markets too.

Many people feel that this initial hype would subdue down and Ertiga would settle to a figure of somewhere around 3-4000 units per month. Only time will tell if anything of this sort is to happen.


Source: Economic Times

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