Even the Age-Old Ambassador Sells More Than Skoda Yeti!

Its perplexing and a real cause of concern for Skoda with monthly falling sales. Oct 2012 was the worst month for Skoda for the year.

This is surprising considering that during festive seasons we talk about how much have each company gained, we are talking about big time loss of sales for Skoda.

The total tally for Skoda stood at 1781 units. Considering that Skoda is present in many major segments including the volume B2 hatch segment with Fabia and C segment sedan Rapid, these are paltry figures to say the least. Only Rapid managed respectable totals crossing the 1000 mark with sales of 1131.


Apart from Fabia (256 units), the biggest concern for Skoda is Yeti! Yeti sold a measly 6 (yes ‘SIX’) units in all the 31 days the last month provided. It is not even a point of debate how potent a product Yeti is, but it has been priced and placed horrendously incorrectly in India.

And with the oncoming of more competition in this compact SUV space, even the introduction of lower priced products are not helping it a bit. Even supposedly volume churner like Fabia (which is available in both petrol and diesel) is registering 200-500 monthly units for the past many months.

Does this mean, the infamous service related issues that Skoda has been criticized for, playing their game? Should this sound ringing bells in the ears of company’s top honchos? We hear parent Volkswagen is planning to restructure and reposition Skoda brand to its correct position and take away the premium positioning which this brand cars enjoy. Would this help remains to be seen but any such step would leave the current customers really unhappy is what we feel.

For the records, Hindustan Motors sold 285 units of Ambassador!

All sales figures taken from Team-Bhp


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