Exclusive Scoop: Chevrolet Spark Facelift Caught Revealing its Front Face

As we have revealed a few days back that Chevrolet would be launching a facelifted version of its entry-level small hatch Spark, here are a few frontal shots revealing details about the car for the first time in India. The earlier scoop only revealed the rear portion of the car.

MotorBash’s reader Kaustubh Nipunage spotted this car at a company’s parking lot in Pune. Thanks to these pictures we can make out the new face which the new Spark is going to adorn. Here is a pic of existing Spark and the new facelifted Spark:


Chevrolet Spark facelift picture MotorBash
Existing Spark (left) & Upcoming Facelifted Spark


 List of All the Changes in the New Facelifted Spark

  1. Curvier Front headlamps: You can see that the headlamps get rounded from outer edge as well. These are straight lined in the Current Spark.
  2. Honeycomb grille: This looks like the most noticeable change in the car and would give it a more muscular look.
  3. Reworked air-dam: The current Spark has body-colored and wider air-dam. The new facelifted Spark would adorn a higher but narrower air-dam.
  4. Placement of Chevrolet Logo: Though this is not clear from the pics, but we expect the logo to fall down from its current place on the tip of the bonnet to somewhere between or on the grille and air-dam
  5. Chrome Linings: Chevrolet also seems to have brought in the chrome job on the Spark as well. Current Spark doesn’t have any chrome linings at the front. However, we can see chrome borders to the grille and possibly they might also outline the air-dam. Similar to Beat, this is expected to be present in higher variants of the car.
  6. Modified fog-lamp slots: The current Spark gets rounded fog-lamp slots. New Spark would get a few angles on them.
  7. Altered bumper: The bumper has been changed to accommodate all the new changes done to the front fascia.

Chevrolet Spark facelift picture MotorBash

Along with these, the rear would also be modified a wee bit to freshen up the new Spark. This Spark doesn’t display a roof-rail and possess black steel rims. Remaining bits appear to be unchanged from the current model. We do not expect any major changes to the mechanicals & engine bits of the car either.

Chevrolet Spark facelift picture MotorBash


Chevrolet is expected to launch this facelifted Spark towards the end of this year possibly in December.

Do you know: Chevrolet has plans to launch as many as 5 to 6 new variants/car models this year. Out of these, only 2 have been launched yet – New 2.2L Captiva AT and 166PS Cruze. We have published a complete list of all Chevrolet cars coming this year. Read the article to know the remaining ones along with their spy pictures. Chevrolet also has plans to discontinue the Optra soon.



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