Exclusive Scoop: Is Tata Planning a Special Limited Edition for Nano? Dual-Tone Nano Spied

It seems TATA is doing all what it can to make Nano sell and sell in huge numbers. The new 2012 Nano is already a ‘better’ and more reliable product than its earlier iterations. They have a CNG Nano lined up probably sometime this year.


They are also working on a Diesel Nano, exclusive spy pics of which we have published a little while ago. And now we stumble upon this new two-tone Nano! These pictures are sent to us by our regular auto spy and enthusiast reader Anoop Kumar who spotted this car on Nashik highway. The changes which we could notice on this new Nano are:

  1. Twin-tone Color – a mix of black at the upper portion and blood red on the lower portion. If you ask us, the car looks cute and sporty in these new clothes
  2. Chrome finished Rear View Mirrors
  3. Chrome tipped door handles
  4. Newly designed Alloy Wheels


Tata might be considering launching a limited edition or a Special Edition of Nano especially for Diwali and for these pics we can say it would definitely be a seller. If you could notice other changes do share across in the comments section below.



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