Exclusive Scoop: Mahindra’s Fortuner Rival RextonW Spied on the Streets of Delhi; Juicy Details Out [Video]

The stage was all set for Mahindra to launch the first Ssangyong product in India, the older Rexton. It was caught many times on the streets of Nashik and Pune in Maharashtra.We were among the first ones to share absolutely clear pictures of Rexton which also revealed that the big bulky SUV looked dated and felt a little sluggish.


With the older Rexton all set to make an Indian entry, it was assumed it would be a rather 17-18 Lakh SUV and kept under Fortuner or even Endevour. However, suddenly one fine day we woke up to this mega scoop which revealed that Mahindra is testing the Rexton W around Nashik, their home! Since then there have been a lot of speculations about the possibilities and here we reveal some juicy insider information about Mahindra’s plans along with a scoop video which was caught in Delhi.

One of our avid reader spotted this all covered new Rexton W on Nauroji Nagar Marg in Delhi yesterday evening. There was a meeting of some higher authorities of Mahindra at Safdarjung Club in New Delhi yesterday. And there were present two Rexton W’s amidst tight security. But what was more interesting is the presence of Toyota Fortuner nestled right between these two Rextons.  The video of Rexton you see here consist of 4 people from this meet.

Now comes the important bits:

  • This Rexton W had temporary numbers from Koncept Automobiles which is a Mahindra dealer at Safdarjung area.
  • Despite our thinking otherwise, Mahindra is all set to launch the SUV before or around Diwali ie in barely less than couple of months.
  • What make indications even more stronger is that training of sales persons from dealerships have started.
  • Rexton W is expected to have exclusive service outlets to provide for that ‘better’ feeling within higher-end buyers.
  • Rexton W would be priced between 18-21 Lakhs

Talking about the SUV:

It looked huge and as big as Toyota Fortuner. It had immense road presence again similar to Fortuner. The interior quality is also pretty good which would be a good break from Mahindra vehicles.  Rexton W would be a proper 7-seater SUV and this particular mule had Kenwood systems so we expect it to be across the range.

Watch the video and see for yourself the grand presence this massive SUV carries with itself.  If you watch it closely, at around 00:58 seconds the car passes by an Endevour and we leave for you to decipher how massive does this thing looks!

You can also dance to the tunes of the music playing in the car! BTW can you guess the car which was chasing this RextonW?

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